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Quality Education | Faith-based Curriculum
Kindergarten to Grade 8

Registering now for Summer Day Camp Program
and for September Admission.

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Welcome to Maranatha. 
Where Children Get to Be Children.

Maranatha Schoolhouse is a tutoring service, whereby an experienced educator supports the efforts of homeschooling families, by providing a safe, faith-based environment for their child to be educated, valued and respected.  With the last two years of uncertainty and unwarranted mandates, many families are turning to alternate schooling. Homeschooling is on the rise like never before.  But homeschooling is not for everyone.  Parents still have their jobs to attend, and even when working from home, it is very difficult to carry on the demands of their job while also trying to homeschool their children.  That's why many families are turning to tutoring services like Maranatha Schoolhouse.

So how does that work?  At Maranatha, we see ourselves as partners with homeschooling parents.  We not only provide quality faith-based education that follows the Ministry of Education's curriculum requirements, but we go over and beyond.

  • We keep tutoring classes to a minimum size so we can provide the one-on-one assistance as needed.

  • We integrate faith-based teachings into every subject, as well as in our conversations and conduct.

  • We offer extra-curricular programs such as drama, art and music on a regular basis, broadening the child's experience and interests.  

  • We tailor each child's curriculum according to his/her current academic level, not simply by their age.  Many children have been short-changed in their education, because the school system let's no child stay back, but they also are not capable of providing the extra tutoring needed by some, and therefore such children are functioning at a much lower level than they should be.  Likewise, the more academically advanced children lack stimulation because they haven't been given enough challenge to go beyond their age/grade level.

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Exploring whether Maranatha Schoolhouse is the right tutoring platform for your family, starts with an information session where all your questions may be answered.  That is followed by a family interview to ensure the tutoring service is a fit with your child, with your work schedule and with your teaching standards. 


Please click on the icon below for the program you are inquiring about and someone will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange for your initial information session.


All three programs below run 3 days per week - Tuesdays to Thursdays 9AM-3PM. After-three program is available upon request.

Summer Camp Program(2023)
Weekly themes change every two weeks, running from  July to August.
Check back in the Spring for list of Summer Camp themes.


Where students encourage and inspire one another to learn.

STEP 3: Complete Admission Process

Children Praying

Where God is not only "allowed" in, but He is at the center of all we do. Equipping young ones with values and principles that will make them exemplary citizens in our communities.

Easter Eggs

Instilling values and principles in young minds
while educating them and allowing them to be children, having fun in a safe, friendly
home-away-from-home environment.

Download Our School Prospectus

The foundation to any organization is found in their vision, mission statement and commitment.

Download our School Prospectus to read all about the forming of this tutoring service and what homeschooling parents can expect by way of support, curriculum, discipline, culture and values.


Maranatha Schoolhouse Image_for website.png



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